A cabinet needs personalities

Twoje cele – moja pasja

WBJ.pl asks Dr. Sergiusz Trzeciak, president of the board at the Politikos Foundation, to talk about the newly filled justice minister position

Marcin Poznań: Who would be a better justice minister – a law professor or a lawyer from PO?

Sergiusz Trzeciak: A person with the authority of a scholar would not always prove himself in the position of a minister. Sometimes a civil servant or a ministry official with experience in law and some kind of managerial and political skills, possibly on the level of a deputy minister, can be a better choice than a [political] outsider.

But aren't the ministers from outside the political sphere more independent?

Of course, a scholar or a law professor would not be that submissive, and the difference of opinions could often lead to conflicts between him and the Prime Minister. He would not be as obedient as, for example, a member of the PM's party in a ministerial position. In the case of a conflict, he could always leave the cabinet and return to his scholarly duties without any regret.

How would the latest changes affect PM Tusk's image?

It is always good to have strong personalities in the cabinet. There are hardly any in the current one, at least if we compare it with the previous government. Zyta Gilowska or Zbigniew Religa were such strong authorities, recognized and respected by voters. The government needs personalities. In case of Religa, a respected and trustworthy man, he was chosen not only for his competence, but also for the sake of public opinion.